Sonic Boom


In "Sonic Boom" (aka Threshold), his most recent installment of the Inertia Cycle, artist Jefferson Pinder initiates a spiritual journey that ends up in the very location in which it begun. This exercise in futility proves to be a rite of passage as the performance artist tests the threshold of a vintage ‘muscle car’. Accompanied by a local Brass Band, fanfare will give way as the sound of the engine echoes against the walls of a defunct historical veteran’s hospital, and spectators will be left with a meditation on tension and deliverance.


Pit Crew:
Doyin Ayo
Lauren Wilson
Adrian Black
Tonyé Jamabo

Pit Crew Chief:
Tremone Dixon

Production Manager:
Monroe Isenberg

Thomas Lucas

Orlando Pinder
Amir Price

Audio Technician:
Alexander Larson 

Video Editor and Audio Mixer:
Paul Deuth

Virginia Shore

Generously supported by

Halycon Festival
"By The People" 
Washington, DC

Sonic Boom_inside car_.png
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