Red Summer Road Trip

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In the late summer and early autumn of 1919, violence and uprising erupted across the United States. Hundreds of black lives were lost in the midst of a transitory period of unrest and hostility that was named The Red Summer. As the nation marks a full century since then, we are in a new era of unrest.

This summer, Pinder is embarking on a classic American journey:
a road trip to visit major sites of The Red Summer.
He intends to bring into focus how much has changed since that summer
–– and how much has not.


Over a two-month period, Pinder will explore cities and towns across the South by car to provoke conversations about racial injustices that occurred
a hundred years ago and still make up the fiber of black experiences nationwide.

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Aiming to create a body of work in potentially hostile communities, Pinder seeks an audience of people with differing perspectives. Through this journey, the artist hopes to explore the complexities that shape America. This road trip builds on the legacy of Jack Kerouac, who inspires Pinder to think of the journey itself as a medium for creativity by finding poetic influences from the ordinary––recording, documenting, and learning on the road. Pinder’s work also draws inspiration from The Freedom Riders, who offered an interventionist model. By pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable, they used their physicality to elicit interaction. Through movement, they embodied change.


The Stops




Pinder will reenact the Camp Logan uprising. The group will follow the footsteps of the bloody engagement that lead to the largest court-martial in US history – a significant but often overlooked event.


New Orleans, Louisiana

The Sonic Boom performance is a spiritual
journey that examines the nature of futility. Pinder will accelerate an elevated muscle car to maximum RPM. The car will remain fixed in space, jacked and stripped of its wheels. Accompanied by a local brass band in a historically black neighborhood, the spectators will watch as the engine roars overpower the music. Onlookers will contemplate the dynamic of tension and deliverance.


Washington D.C.


Chicago, Illinois

The road trip will conclude with a commemorative performance in Chicago; the city that experienced the greatest and most violent of the race riots of the Red Summer.

Behind the Scenes

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