Northern Spark 2014: Projecting the City. Minneapolis, MN

June 14, 2014
Northern Spark 2014 Commissioned Artists Preview 1/5

Video and performance artist Jefferson Pinder met Northern Spark artistic director Steve Dietz years ago when Dietz gave a public talk about an earlier festival endeavour of his, Zero1 San Jose. They struck up a conversation and when Northern Spark began four years ago, Dietz encouraged Pinder to apply for the open call. It took a number of years for the right project to materialize, but all the conceptual pieces came together for this year’s emphasis on Projecting the City. Pinder is creating a new video performance work for Northern Spark called Relay, which draws on his ongoing exploration of the embodiment of labor and physical exhaustion, an interest in cultural reference to long distance running and Minneapolis’s Somali-American community.

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