Moving Visuals at the David C. Driskell Center

From the exhibition’s website:

“Moving Visuals focuses on a handful of contemporary African American artists who frequently and critically explore popular culture, social issues, and history in their works; including, Sanford Biggers, Stephanie Dinkins, Lyle Ashton Harris, Clifford Owens, Jefferson Pinder, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, and Hank Willis Thomas. The exhibition is curated by Dorit Yaron, the Driskell Center’s Deputy Director".”

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Jefferson Pinder
Reflections on Jefferson Pinder's Ghost Light

Jefferson Pinder's work has recently been written about in a series undertaken by Sanguine Gallery.

"How to Remember in America" by Niama Safia Sandy

Through engaging the historical references, research, and community involvement present in Pinder's exhibition, Niama Safia Sandy asks: "Is the past ever truly apart from us? Or is it more like a haint - a spectre hanging in the air vying for us to attend matters left unsettled?"

"Ghostlight: Race and Representation at the Figge Art Museum with Jefferson Pinder" by Mariah Shevchuk

By focusing on the communities' self description of the areas around the Figge Museum, Mariah Shevchuk observes: "Depending on who you ask, the City of Davenport and the Quad Cities could be in two different hemispheres, let alone part of a single metropolitan area that straddles the same river. Similarly, asking one resident about the area’s history of race relations will garner a completely different answer than asking another—divergent views emerge depending on where in the Quad Cities the respondent lives, as well as their age, gender, race and personal experiences."


Jefferson Pinder
Zero Gravity: An Artistic Approach of the Space Adventure

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Toulouse in France
April 6 to August 26, 2018

Following the long-term loan of its contemporary art collection to Les Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse, the CNES Space Observatory announced in 2017 that the CNES arts-sciences laboratory would pursue its collaboration with the museum in Toulouse. The two institutions are joining forces to present, from 5 April to 26 August 2018, a new exhibition entitled Zero Gravity that will deal with the artistic exploration of the adventure of space and the figure of the artist as an astronaut.

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Jefferson Pinder