HD Digital Video
Running time-5:11

In the performance video Lazarus, a huddled mass of pedestrians spring into action to collectively move a seemingly immobile vehicle. This video piece is my latest installment of the Inertia Cycle series in which Pinder is documenting intense physical tasks as an abstract metaphor for social struggle.

Production Crew

Terry Campbell
Schwanda Roundtree
Stevie Calandra
Michael Ladd
Elspeth Johnson
Michael Harris
Curtis Stoltzfus
Antonio Scott
Richard Gould
Jermaine Washington
Scott Mallory
Stan Squirewell

Music- Drums of Passion by Babatunde Olatunji  “Jingo”


Trenton Collier
John Trevino
Connie Trevino
Jarvis Dubois
Juliette Bethea
Ashley McClenon
Orlando Pinder
John Gunn
George Fawanle
Jeff Whitlow
Adrian Loving
Amber Robles-Gordon
Tonya Jordan
Michelle Joan Wilkinson
Kou Moore