Ben Hur

HD Digital Video
Running time-6:45

Continuing his investigation of dynamic movement, Pinder sets stage in the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. In Ben-Hur , the audience witnessed six performers uniformly exerting their physical prowess. Together they will attempt to find the 'perfect pace' on rowing apparatus. Working in unison the performers dealt with a variety of obstacles that distracted their effort to keep in-sync. Loosely inspired by the galley scene in the Hollywood epic, this crew worked themselves to exhaustion in this time-based endurance piece. Accompanied by the stylization of DJ Tony Tech, this choreographed performance delved into an outward display of virility and struggle. In this performance, the body is the ultimate vehicle to transcend in to a spiritual place. Ben-Hur establishes the undeniable connection between movement and emotion. Susan Leigh Foster writes in her book Choreographing Empathy, " Kinesthesia as entwined with the emotions presumed that all humans share this same connection and that they we all are equally moved by the same depictions of human predicament or struggle."

Production Crew
Jeffrey Kramer
Brian Sharpe
Andrew Dorman

Curator for the event at the Corcoran Museum
Justine Topfer


Darryl Atwell
Stan Squirewell
Tremone Dixon
Michael Booker
Eric Owusu
Robert Maxwell